What happens when the internet connection is temporarily interrupted?

The absence of an internet connection does not prevent you from continuing your work on Dentinnov. Several solutions are possible:

– Share your mobile device access point connection via WIFI.

– Use the 4G key which also provides an Internet connection.

Is it safe to store data in the cloud?

Your data are stored in real time automatically in approved health data centers. Data security is ensured by compliance with the drastic rules imposed by ASIP Santé and the CNIL.

Are the updates automatic?

Dentinnov is 100% online software. Updates are automatic, free and completely transparent for users.

On which supports can we use Dentinnov?

Dentinnov is accessible and optimized for all media with an Internet connection: iPad, Mac, Tablets, Windows PC, etc.

What are the hardware / software requirements to operate with Dentinnov?

A simple internet browser is enough to use Dentinnov. The computing power is transferred to dedicated, secure and powerful cloud servers.

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